Speak with impact on stage, video and in the boardroom

6 week voice group coaching to help you build your biz and your brand through speaking

Are you ready to speak with confidence, own your message and activate the power of your voice?  

 Sound familiar?

YOU ... 

➡ public speaking has been something you dread and it brings up all of your sh*t!

➡ you don't like the sound of your own voice when you listen back 

➡ you get caught up in your head, lose your words and say "UM" and "AH" a lot 

➡ you shudder every time you go to show up on video

➡ you are overcome with self doubt and nerves and the big fat imposter syndrome EATS YOU UP! 


❌  have avoided speaking altogether (aka played small)

❌ don't bother with showing up on social media

❌ hide in meetings and say no to speaking at conferences and events  

❌ choose other ways to reach your audience like blogging, newsletters (boring) etc

❌ never get traction in your biz

❌ stay stuck! 


Let's get you speaking with confidence and stepping into the power of your voice

so you can grow your biz and build your authority! 

And, you’re ready for some five-star support to get you there!  

Hi there! I'm Sam Buckingham. 

I'm a working TV Presenter, Voice Over artist and Mama of two gorgeous girls and two Shih Tzu dogs! 🐾

I'm also a trained Speech and Drama coach and have used my voice as my tool for my entire career. I can show you how to use yours and transform the way you show up online and in person forever! 

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Sam is hands down the best in the biz! Work with her, take her course, do whatever you have to do to learn from her!

Her courses will get you over the line and showing up as YOUR BEST!

I engaged Sam to help me prepare a keynote speech to be delivered to an audience of medical Doctors! I am so glad I engaged Sam's help - I nailed my message and received a standing ovation.

Most importantly, I felt in control, confident and knew what I was doing and why. Everything Sam taught me worked! 

Cass Dunn - Coaching and clinical Psychologist. Author of Crappy to Happy and Host of the Crappy to Happy podcast. 




My 6 week group coaching program for leaders ready for bigger influence, bigger stages and a personal brand that's fully visible.







What sabotage patterns do you have running you? 

We break down the mental blocks, limiting beliefs and create new stories to set you on a pathway to success! 


Where are you holding your tension causing you to hold yourself back? 

Everything is energy. Let's clear your energetic pathways, release what's holding you back and get you in flow!


Breath fuels the voice. 

We get you breathing deeply, exhaling smoothly so your voice will be strong, clear and unhindered. 


Say goodbye to weak, scratchy, flat, boring, too high/low and welcome your true, syrupy voice of authority that is waiting to be unleashed! 


Tips, tricks and techniques to have you using words that touch hearts and move mountains. 


Not sure how to stand, when to move and or what to do with your hands? We teach you effective body language and how to use your space like a pro! 



✔️ You want to make video's for your biz or socials and be confident and real

✔️ You want to come across as confident and polished but still authentic and truely you! 

✔️ If you're a podcasting host or guest who wants to ensure you speak in a way that makes people want to lean in and listen, subscribe and follow

✔️ If you have or soon will have a speaking opportunity and you want to sound like an expert worth listening to

✔️ You don't like the sound of your voice and know it holds you back from using it to grow

✔️You are preparing for an important speech or media opportunity, or simply ... 

✔️ you are seeking connection and genuine, effective expression in your business and life.


6 weeks group coaching to move your speaking from MEH to A-MAZING

I wan't to unleash my voice!

I worked with sam on a speech and a series of presentations I was required to deliver to my team.

I have never liked my voice and since my content is all about figures and numbers, I run a great risk for being boring! is dull.  I wanted to lighten up and energise my presentation. 

Sam showed me how to do all of that and more!  Her knowledge of speaking and how to use your voice to engage and create emphasis is inspiring! 

Anita Wildman - Practicing Accountant at Cooper Reeves. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 11.46.03 am

Sam is so good at presenting on camera herself, but she is also able to teach it to others, which is a whole different skill set.

Her teachings around the speaking voice are transformational.  Sam understands the inhibitions we all have and knows how to guide the voice to where you need it to go at its fullest expression. 

The changes her course has made to my performance has been outstanding. 

If you have the opportunity to work with Sam do it!   

Helen Higgins - Grandma's House Online


Sam delivers!

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

If you want technique, guidance, authenticity AND results in the hands of someone who keeps it real, Sam delivers.

Sharon Ruddlestone - CEO



In a world of noise where we are bombarded by a sea of voices, you need to stand out from the crowd. 

When you now how to unleash your voice you will be able to ...

✅ engage and inspire in any forum

✅ Lift your message from static to dynamic and full of energy

✅ Create moments of wonder in everything you say

✅ Say more with less and make a bigger impact

✅ Connect more deeply with your audience

✅ Speak to inspire your audience and 'take their breath away'

✅ Have people hanging off your every word

and be the voice of authority people want to listen to! 



When you have a voice that can touch senses and impact emotions, you take your audience on a journey to see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt.

This is what it means to be truly captivating! 

In my coaching sessions, we will ... 

  • unleash your full potential by exploring the full emotional range of your voice
  • add colour and vibrancy to your words by exploring the 4 P's of vocal variety
  • increase your impact by tapping into the power of rhythm and tempo
  • learn how to use breath effectively and for inspiration
  • discover the connection between vocal sounds and emotions and explore how to use them to entice, inspire and invigorate your audience
  • begin to see your voice as an instrument to master
  • build a rock solid confidence as a speaker and influencer
  • develop your signature, authentic authority voice! 

 Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 6.14.40 pm


Coaching with Sam has given me the confidence and know-how to speak in a more connected, creative and expressive way.

As a clinical and coaching hypnotherapist and mindset coach, my voice is my tool. It is essential that I know how to speak so as to guide my clients to a place of deep relaxation. 

Who would have ever thought there is so much to know about the speaking voice! 

If you're a business owner who wants to get it right, work with Sam! 

Kirsten Horner - Hypnotherapist and Mindset Transformation Coach 

I called Sam Buckingham while preparing my very first piece-to-camera script for a global launch campaign.

The gorgeous Sam sees straight through your layers of conditioning and tension, and provides a clear pathway towards your true and most rewarding form of expression. 

Although the work can be challenging, Sam's keen wit and insights also make the learning process lively and fun.

I truly feel that Sam was as vested in my success as I was. I recommend her unequivocally to anyone preparing for an important speech, media training, or seeking connection and genuine, effective expression in their everyday life.

Annie Kendall - Hello Mojo 

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Unleash your voice and make your mark on the world. 

Be unforgettable!